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This page is a collection of still photos and information about Korean films released in 2002

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The Bermuda Triangle, sometimes known as the “Devil’s Triangle”, is a triangular area of the north-western Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and a

The Bizarre Alien Biology trope as used in popular culture. Extra-terrestrials are weird. Sometimes, really weird. They may look relatively normal or mind- …

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Atlantis is a legendary “lost” island subcontinent often idealized as an advanced, utopian society holding wisdom that could bring world peace.

Physicist Helen Czerski has cast doubt on one of the most popular theories about the Bermuda Triangle.

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Nov 29, 2012 · Solid light stories often occur around the time of UFO appearances. It is light which appears to have the properties of a sold object. Witnesses of UFOs

The term airship, generally speaking, is applied to dirigible balloons, while the heavier-than-air classes are more commonly spoken of as flying-machines.

Haunted Forest – Hoia Baciu Forest is located near Cluj-Napoca, Romania and is locally referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania.

The Bermuda Triangle of the Great Lakes: The Lake Michigan Triangle

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